A Wild Goose Chase

Everyone knows what a wild goose chase is– running after something on the exact wrong road. Well then, consider the Wild Goose Festival going on in North Carolina as I write these words. This particular get-together is Gnosticism on steroids; it’s representative of where ‘Christianity’ is headed lest the Lord grants massive repentance. This ‘festival’ is a full-orbed example of the very thing our July 9th seminar is designed to confront – The Trojan Horse in the Church.

The purpose of the Wild Goose Festival is to ‘create a space for justice, spirituality, music and art’. If you take a look at the list of speakers, you’ll see a seemingly eclectic group — some environmentalists, some globalists, some theologians, some social activists, pastors, academics, film makers, and who-knows-what-else. But upon further examination, you’ll discover the common thread — they’re all Gnostics. As such, they are all very hostile to the historic, orthodox Christian faith.

To illustrate my point, let me highlight one of the speakers who provides a clear illustration that there’s two ‘Faiths’, two ‘Christs’, and two ‘Spirits’. Consider Frank Schaeffer.

To discuss Frank Schaeffer, one must back up first and discuss his father, Francis Schaeffer. Francis was one of Christianity’s great thinkers of the 20th century. He was a prodigious writer, pastor and founder of L’Abri in Switzerland, a community of Christian thought and living. He was a staunch defender of the historic Christian Faith. His seminal work is ‘How Should We Then Live? The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture.‘ Any Christian who has not read this work (or watched the video) is really missing something special. Francis Schaeffer was a remarkable man and made many valuable and lasting contributions to the Church.

What sad commentary it is that his son Frank has rejected the faith of his own father. In Frank’s own words, he’s a ‘surviver of Fundamentalism’. He has repudiated everything his father believed, and has struck out on an opposite path. How grieved his father would be to see where his son is today — on a wild goose chase. Frank fits in nicely with the others at this festival — he’s embraced the Gnostic Jesus.

You could’ve gone to this festival to pursue social justice and to commune with the god within. You might have found a place to help promote global peace and to fight global warming. You could have found common ground with all the other pilgrims on the many paths that lead to God. But, at the end of the day, you would discover that this is truly a wild goose chase.

However, there’s still an opportunity to attend Sovereign Grace Chapel’s seminar on the ‘Trojan Horse in the Church’. We intend to demonstrate to you quite clearly the stark contrast between the two ‘faiths’. The one we embrace is revealed in the pages of Scripture; the one the Gnostics embrace is found in the depths of the human heart. Which one do you want to trust for your eternal destiny? Could there be a more important seminar for you to attend?

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