Gnosticism in Art — The Cherry Creek Arts Festival

'Removing the stones of Folly' by Tonja Doskova. A prime example of Pagan and Gnostic concepts

I have a great sense of urgency about The Trojan Horse in the Church Seminar we are hosting on July 9th.  I cannot think of a more important topic to discuss than that of the imminent destruction of Christianity.  The topic for discussion that day will be Gnosticism, that Pagan-corrupting influence on the people who profess to be believers.  These concerns were cemented in my mind this weekend when my wife and I attended the annual Cherry Creek Arts Festival.



We have come to this for several years, so we have a perspective on the types of works we would see.  It is a highly prized honor for artists to be invited to display and sell their art at this annual event. But things have really changed over the years — and not for the better.

Let me start by saying quite emphatically that the quality of the artists — the creativity, the talent and the artistic skill is as good, if not better than it has ever been.  These men and women are at the top of the art world.  Of that, I have no doubt.  But that’s not the issue.  The issue is that their Pagan worldview is busting out on their canvases, and its not a pretty sight.

To make my point, I must digress for a moment.  A couple of weeks ago, I had a real ‘ah-ha’ moment when I was reading Dr. Peter Jones’ book ‘One or Two’.  (By the way, he’s speaking at our seminar July 9th — you really don’t want to miss this opportunity!)  He codified something for me that I hadn’t considered before, and it’s really been an eye-opener for me.  If you can grasp this one concept  about Gnosticism, you’ll be miles ahead of the pack.  It’ll change the way you look at the Pagan world around you.

So, here it is.  The God whom we have come to know through the pages of Scripture is a God of distinctions.  First of all, He distinguishes Himself from His created universe.  He had no need to create it, but did so for His own good pleasure.  Although He is present in the world, He is separate and distinct from the world.

Within His created world, He continued with a series of very significant distinctions.  When He created man, He made him His crowning glory of creation.  Still man is not God and God is not man.  They are very distinct.  Then he made a distinction between man and woman — man is not woman and woman is not man.  They are distinct.

Then he made distinctions in real estate.  He established nations and national borders.  Israel’s land and borders were to be distinct from every other nation’s land and borders.  He established distinctions between good and evil, right and wrong, mercy and justice, heaven and hell, mankind and animal-kind, life and death, saved and unsaved, love and hate, Jew and Gentile, the Church and the World, the narrow path and the broad road.  Distinctions, distinctions, distinctions.  They are everywhere if you just look for them.  This is the ‘two’ of Dr. Jones’ Book title.

This is where Gnosticism comes into play. Fundamentally, it is a Satanically-inspired attack on God, God’s people and God’s creation.  And what is its tactic?  Simple.  It seeks to destroy these very distinctions.  It wants to erase them, obscure them, merge them, confuse them or deny them.  And mankind is all too willing to go along.

Back to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival.  What we saw there were various forms of Gnostic distortions of God’s distinctions.  You have images of man confused with animals, man merged into a woman, the earth exalted as God, man elevated to Godhood, ugly merged with beauty, the sacred confused with the profane, death confused with life, and on and on.  The result is an art festival that impressed us as cold, stark, desolate, colorless, profane and altogether uninspiring.   Welcome to Paganism.

So, think about the healthy and wholesome distinctions that God established in the world.  There’s lots more than those I mentioned above.  And wherever you see a blurring of those distinctions, think Gnosticism!

This is where we’re headed as a culture unless the Christian church regains its senses and wages a holy war against the Trojan Horse.  The confusion of distinctions is everywhere in the Church.   Let’s begin by attending our seminar on July 9th.  These issues are way too important to ignore.  Please come.

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