The End of the Age

On Saturday, July 9th, Dr. Peter Jones joined Roger Evans, Dr. James Kirby and Carmen Rizzo in a day-long seminar on Gnosticism. What is Gnosticism, and who cares? Well, judging by our attendance, not many.

Our world is being destroyed around us — our political institutions, our culture, our national borders, our wealth. You name it, and it’s being attacked. And we spend a day on an ancient and long-forgotten religion. Are we crazy? Is this what Christianity has to offer — boring discussions about things that have no meaning? Couldn’t we find something more relevant to talk about?

But we believe that Gnosticism is at the heart of the problem. It is the elephant in the room. It’s the key to understanding the destruction of Western Civilization. It’s the key to understanding why Eastern Civilization has never really progressed.

You see, there’s real history and there’s fake history. True, orthodox Christianity is real history. It, and it alone, accurately reports history as is really happened — all the way back to the very beginning. Within that framework, comes the Gospel. ‘Gospel’ means nothing more that a favorable news report. It is a way of reporting actual events as they really happened, and that the events being reported are really good news.

Gnosticism is an imagined history. It distorts and perverts true history because of unrighteous motives. It redacts history. It interprets history in a false way, either by ignoring events, concocting events, exaggerating events, or down-playing events. This is what Liberalism does in our current day. And whenever people distort history, they impoverish themselves because they refuse to face reality.

Of course, within this framework comes a distorted and perverted view of God. You cannot talk about history without talking about a deity or deities. Only true Christianity (I always have to say ‘true’, because there’s Gnostic versions of Christianity) presents God as He truly is. Any deviation from this view is, in essence, Gnostic.

So, we’re about to lose our freedoms, our national heritage, our Constitution, and our foundation of the family unit. This is because our nation has snubbed Christianity and the God of reality. So, as He has done in times past to other peoples, God is giving us a taste of the godless life. He’s going to rub our noses in Paganism, and it’s not going to be pretty. And Gnostic Christianity is going to get a snoot full as well.

This time around is going to be worse, though. We’re coming to the long-predicted end of the church age. We are witnessing the staging for the cataclysmic judgments of God that were revealed to the Apostle John and to Daniel of the Old Testament. John wrote things that were unfathomable in his time. He wrote about a one-world economy (no man may buy or sell without the mark of the beast), a one-world government (the rise of the antichrist), and a one-world religion (the harlot sitting on many waters). If I am interpreting history correctly, these correspond to the current banking takeover of the world’s economies, the U.N.’s Agenda 21 (and all its other efforts), and the merging of all religions into one entity by the ecumenical movement. All three elements are an orchestrated and coordinated effort.  These correlations are too obvious and too striking to miss.

Therefore, I do not believe there’s any turning back. We’ve always known these things would take place. Our hope and salvation lie in faith and repentance. We must believe that news report that came out of Jerusalem two thousand years ago. We must believe it, and we must change our lives in light of it. It’s the most profound news report of all time, and it must be interpreted correctly. Do not believe the Gnostic version of these events, else you fall under the same divine wrath that the Pagan is about to receive. But to everyone who believes it, they will escape the wrath to come. Simple faith — that’s all the Almighty requires.

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