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Today, I’d like to put in a plug for Trinity Bible Institute which is direct ministry of Sovereign Grace Chapel. Classes will once again convene on Monday evening, September 5th. (For complete info, click here)

The Institute teaches Bible in full accordance to the doctrinal position of the SGC. This is an important point because any spiritual work that anyone undertakes must be under the direction and control of a church or a group of churches. The Lord Jesus established only one entity to carry out the work of Christianity, and that entity called ‘the Church’. Therefore, Bible institutes, seminaries, missionaries, and every other endeavor that goes forward under the banner of Christianity must be legitimized by the ‘Church’. Trinity Bible Institute was therefore established with this in mind.

This flies in the face of our current culture of para-church organizations, such as the Navigators, Youth for Christ, Young Life, Focus on the Family, Summit Ministries, Fuller Seminary and hundreds of others. If you look carefully, none of these ‘ministries’ are submissive to any church. They operate under the auspices of boards of directors, not boards of Elders. As a result, they are all illegitimate. I am convinced that God will not bless these works. This is why they all have lost their way, and are having zero impact on our world.

Submission to the church is one reason I believe in TBI and it’s mission.

TBI is a unique opportunity to learn the Bible in all it’s teachings. TBI approaches the Bible from the standpoint of inerrancy, as we are convinced that inerrancy must be the bedrock of any inquiry into the Scriptures. Any other approach is grievously in error and demonstrates a total lack of piety.

Approaching the Bible as an inerrant work is another reason I believe in TBI.

TBI is a twelve year program and is designed so that the student may start at any point and begin his/her study. While twelve years may sound like a long time, we believe that it takes that amount of time cover a survey of all the information that every Christian needs to know. Furthermore, it takes that amount of time for someone to assimilate the information and allow it to shape and guide one’s life. It is our hope that at this end of the program, people will have absolute confidence in the Bible and in the God who gave it.

Getting an exposure to the entire field of knowledge pertaining to Christianity is yet another reason why I believe in TBI.

I have been attending TBI for almost 20 years, both as a student and as an instructor. I continue to attend and re-take courses because I always gain insight into things that I never saw before. The depth and riches of this type of study is incalculable, and I am living proof of it. I am now prepared to give an answer to anyone who asks about the reason for the hope that lies within.

Please consider attending this fall. I assure you, it will nourish your soul and cause you to grow beyond your expectations. Don’t let the token cost deceive you — others have paid tens of thousands of dollars to get what we almost give away. (For complete info, click here)

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