Friday Night Fights

My wife and I went to the movies last night which we haven’t done for some time. We both had had a long week and thought it’d be relaxing to go to the theater.

When we sat down, the young woman sitting immediately behind me decided to brace her feet on the back of my chair. I realized something was messed up, as I couldn’t recline back. As I fidgeted around, she ripped into me with a string of expletives. Apparently, she was entitled to have two seats — and I was taking one. At this point, my lovely wife came to my defense, and the argument was on.

All this reminded me of the article I read this week about the events in Great Britain over the course of the last few weeks. Perhaps you have seen the images of the looting, burning and general mayhem in the streets of their cities. What a scene it was to see!

But why? What’s this all about? The answer lies in the astute article written by Melanie Phillips in the Daily Mail. She correctly accuses liberalism as the root cause which has been fostering the corruption of their society for decades. You really need to read this article, because this is a portent of things to come to the USA. The youth of our two cultures have been raising themselves without any moral absolutes. So, we’re witnessing a real-life ‘Lord of the Flies’.

Ms. Phillips asks the rhetorical question, ‘Anyone heard from the Archbishop of Canterbury about the riots? Anyone care to guess what he will eventually say about them?’ Her point being that Britain’s Christian voices have stopped preaching from the Bible and become ‘soft-headed social workers’.

This sounds all too familiar. Here in Colorado Springs, Sovereign Grace sponsored a meaty seminar on the corruption of the American churches, and advertised it extensively. The response was total, deafening silence. The churches of Colorado Springs couldn’t care less. They’re way too busy being therapeutic to concern themselves with theology.

So, we’re headed to the same end as Britain. It’s only a matter of time before America’s  youth burn our cities to the ground. They have no conscience, and liberalism’s agenda is to blame. My experience at the theater is a small foretaste of things to come.

Here’s Ms Phillip’s article….

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