About Our Founder

Pastor Roger Evans went home to be with the Lord on the last day of 2016.  He lived in Colorado Springs with his wife Linda.  They have three grown children.

Founded in 1983, Sovereign Grace Chapel was led by him until his death. Concurrent with beginning of the church, he also started Trinity Bible Institute to provide local training for anyone seeking to learn the great doctrines of the Christian Faith.

After military service in Vietnam, Pastor Evans began his academic and theological career by devoting himself to a lifetime study of the Word of God.  This led him to the acquisition of two bachelor’s degrees (Jersey Shore Bible Institute, Th.B. and Dallas Baptist College, B.A.), and three Master’s degrees (New Jersey Biblical and Philosophical Institute, Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary, M.A.B.S, and Trinity Bible Institute, ST.M).

Through his studies, Roger focused on the development of what he termed integrated theology.  He defined this as the reconciliation of all the Bible’s teachings into a harmonized whole through the use of a literal interpretation of Old and New Testaments.  Integrated theology is his great gift to those who studied under his teaching.

Pastor Evans’ breadth of knowledge of the Scriptures, systems of Christian theology, competing philosophical systems, world religions and cults was rivaled by few men.

A brief welcoming statement from the founder