Bible Institute

Trinity Bible Institute is an outreach ministry of Sovereign Grace Chapel to the body of Christ. This institute was conceived and created by Pastor Evans in keeping with his conviction that churches must, according to the Great Commission, make disciples of all believers.  It has been the hallmark of our church since its inception in 1983.  All members attend the institute, and is open to anyone who wants to explore the riches of God’s Word. It offers the opportunity for Christians to be trained in Scripture and theology.  The goal is to promote growth and maturity in the Faith and to be better equipped for Christian service. Cost of classes is minimal, as we do not want money to be an obstacle to coming.

TBI is unique in that gives the student a survey of all aspects of the Christian Faith and its superiority over every other world view. All 66 books of the Bible are taught in conjunction with classes in systematic theology, historical theology, philosophy and world religious systems. TBI offers a certificate of completion after completing the twelve-year program. A summary of the 108 courses of instruction is as follows:

*55 Courses in Bible Exposition
*21 Courses in Systemic Theology
*21 Courses in Historical Theology
*11 Courses in Philosophy and World Religions

There are 13 hours of instruction in each course.

There is also an advanced ministerial student program in which men are trained for positions of Christian leadership.

Current Courses

Course Curriculum Chart (PDF Download)