Statement of Faith

Brief Overview

We hold to the historic Biblical, orthodox Christian faith.  This Faith is summarized as follows.

Regarding the nature of God, we believe in the Holy Trinity.  Regarding Jesus Christ, we believe Him to be the eternal Second Person of the Godhead, one in essence with God the Father and the Holy Spirit, yet incarnated with true sinless humanity.  We believe in His penal, substitutionary atoning work on the cross.  Regarding the Bible, we believe in the inspiration and inerrancy of the Scriptures (subscribing to the 1978 Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy).  Regarding salvation, we believe in monergism as articulated by historic Calvinism. Regarding past history and future events, we believe in classic Dispensationalism.  Regarding the Church, we are Baptistic and New Covenant.

Regarding Calvinism, or sometimes referred to as the doctrines of grace, we hold to the traditional five-point Calvinist position. Commonly, churches that refer to themselves as ‘reformed’ are stating, in part, that they hold to same position. Calvinism is a way of describing man’s predicament and God’s method to remedy the problem. Although we now call it Calvinism (after the 16th century reformer John Calvin), the system itself was long before revealed in the the pages of Scripture.

Regarding Dispensationalism, this is a system of describing the works of God throughout history. Classic Dispensationalism, as articulated by various theologians in the 20th century, has been attacked on many fronts over the years. Some have sought to modify it in various ways for the sake of peace. However, the Bible evidence supports the old version, and we see no reason to abandon or modify it in any way.

Regarding baptism, we believe that it is reserved for those who want to make a conscious, public declaration of their faith. Baptism is in no way a work toward salvation — rather, it is performed in response to the salvation already accomplished. Baptist churches make this a key point of their doctrine, as evidenced by there church names. While our church does not include the word ‘Baptist’ in our name, we are nevertheless Baptist in this matter.

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